The Rampant Razorback

New Beginnings

Session #1

The Day Before

Captain Londyne, First Mate Isadore Londyne, Boatswain Danfoss Quayle, Axe Master Thog, and Master Gunner Trafalgar, along with a motley assortment of NPCs, have just escaped from a Chelish Gulag. They overpowered the guards, stole all the equipment they could, and commandeered a sloop called HKS Forager. Most of the prisoners died during the escape; the PCs are, indeed, the only remaining crew of The 23rd Star.

Flight of the Fearful

The intrepid crew sailed West through the Arch of Aroden, just barely eluding the Chelish sentries and an Andoran warship.

The Quarry

The PCs locate a Chelish merchantman named The Quarry. They are outgunned and outmaned, but a strategy arises. Boatswain Danfoss Quayle has the idea to masquerade as a group of inspectors from Cheliax, seeing as how they already have the uniforms and official sloop, and demand to inspect The Quarry’s holds in search of smuggled goods. Meanwhile, Master Gunner Trafalgar will loose a volley of grape shot upon the unsuspecting crew as they mill about on the deck.

The plan works beautifully, and it looks as though the pirates will soon be able to raid the hold of its most precious cargo before pulling away. Axe Master Thog, though, has a different idea. His mighty bellows cow the sailors before him. As they quake and quail in fear, nine make the fateful choice to embrace a life of piracy. Now there is no need to raid The Quarry’s holds; they can man her.

Meanwhile, Captain Londyne, First Mate Isadore Londyne, and Boatswain Danfoss Quayle escort Captain Theophilus and his boatswain into the captain’s quarters to examine their manifest. The merchant captain is in possession of a lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl ring just like one owned by Captain Londyne. The pirate gives the merchant a slight nod and smile, and then demands his protection once the violence begins.

The Eye of Abendego

The usually fierce hurricane is especially intense as the PCs try to skirt along the coast of The Sodden Lands. Their new ships are dashed and battered, but a combination of skill, pluck, and fate sees them through to the port of Jula, where Boatswain Danfoss Quayle knows a guy, Eddie. Eddie buys the sloop and a great deal of their cargo, and he allows the PCs enough time to repair their other ship, now called The Celestial Swine.

Here in Jula Captain Theophilus and Brother Jhod are let ashore with substantial purses and wished luck on their respective journeys home. The merchant boatswain would have also been put ashore, but in a tragedy sure to be remembered among the great sorows of Golarion, he was swept out to sea during the storm.

Buried Pirate Trope

The crew sails next to the South side of the most dangerous island in Golarion, the home of the Red Mantis. The PCs disembark and hike into the mountains only miles from the Red Citadel. Led by First Mate Isadore Londyne, they proceed unerringly to the concealed cave where Captain Londyne had stored his treasure for just such a time as this. Alas, the party was foolishly split as Axe Master Thog skipped blithely down the right hand way, and Boatswain Danfoss Quayle, led the others to the left. Sadly, a dire cave bear had taken residence in this particular place, and he thought half-orcs might be tasty. The bear was killed in the end, and the massive treasure was recovered (100k gp in assorted coins and gems, the lapis and mother-of-pearl ring, a chameleon ring, and a ring of sustenance).

The crew used this glorious haul to finance the beginning of their new fleet – a frigate named The Rampant Razorback. The ship was fully outfitted with cannons, ammo, supplies, and a small crew.



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